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Mensajes de Amor a Mi Amada Devotional Book

Mensajes de Amor a Mi Amada Devotional Book
Mensajes de Amor a Mi Amada Devotional Book
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Love Notes to My Beloved - Spanish Version

Love Notes to My Beloved is a series of love letters from God to you. In reading this book, you will feel as though the words are coming straight from the throne of God. This book is designed to give you an inspiring daily reminder of how much your Heavenly Father really loves you. You will begin to develop a deeper understanding of how God feels about you, His true, loving nature, who you are in Him, and all the potential He has placed in you!

This book includes daily declarations and Scriptures with each devotional.

"Nichole Marbach's book, Love Notes to My Beloved, is a beautiful book full of mercy and grace...She reveals the Father's heart to the broken-hearted and releases a healing balm that can restore hope to the hopeless. I heartily recommend this book to women of all ages."

Joan Hunter 

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